It’s about time

Considering what I do for a living, it shouldn’t have taken me this long to start a blog.  A nudge/threat from my boss Chris Dixon finally pushed me over the edge.

In no particular order and not committing to any particular posting schedule, I’ll probably cover a bit of:

  • thoughts on online marketing (particularly media buying, analytic measurement, SEM and SEO)
  • developments and insights from my full-time gig at Hunch
  • musings on life in New York and assorted travels around the world
  • critiques of restaurants and the occasional bottle of wine or two
  • random bits of nerd-think that usually bore the bejeezus out of my friends
  • assorted gripes of the day; I tend to have many

…and, scene.

One response to “It’s about time

  1. I’ll be following!

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