Revenge on telemarketers

One of our prolific Hunch contributors created this handy topic about what to do about everybody’s favorite person on the other end of the phone: a telemarketer.

When I overtly express my irritation with telemarketers (or some other professions) I’m sometimes told by friends, “Aw, come on- it’s just some poor schmuck doing his job.”

I just don’t buy that rationale.  A good telemarketer has a lot of skills: they’ve got to be persuasive, good communicators, and by definition- practically immune to taking rejection personally.  Those kinds of sales skills are valuable professional assets and can be applied to an infinite number of professions in ways that actually help people rather than intrude on them.  So to me their rude job is in most cases a conscious choice that merits the verbal wrath that’s often thrown upon them.  Harumph.

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