NYC’s New “Things to See and Do” Signs on 34th Street

What’s a Thanksgiving weekend without an afternoon spent watching an apocalyptic movie?  (verdict: an amazing 30 minutes of effects that were probably worth seeing on the big screen, even if they required enduring the remaining nearly 90 minutes of formulaic writing and a Hollywood ending)

Anyway, while leaving the theater and walking west on 34th Street to 9th Avenue, I came across this brand new kiosk called “Things to See and Do”.  In this case it’s for the area called “Penn Station West” (not exactly a must-see on most tourist maps).

Helpful signage for tourists and residents alike

This thing is a major piece of hardware and a significant investment.  It was placed by the 34th Street Partnership, an organization working to revitalize a 31 block area with security, signage, sanitation, street improvements, and tourist assistance. Funds are collected by the city from property owners and distributed to the organization.

I’ve always found that NYC was light on tourist-friendly signage, particularly compared to European capital cities that just seem to invest a lot more in helping visitors find their way around.  So I found this to be a welcome addition to the neighborhood.  Not sure how many more of these are planned (or installed), but it would be great if the city did more of this.

We need more of these types of signs throughout the city

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