800-337-9249 spam call from eFolks.com on behalf of CreditReport.com

Nothing irks me like telemarketing spam.

I’ve been on the national do not call registry for years and thankfully rarely get telemarketing calls any more.  But this week CreditReport.com called my cell phone several times, using an outsourced telemarketing spamhouse called efolks.com (located in North Salt Lake City, UT).

Today I took the call (from 800-337-9249) and told them to never call back, that I had never done business with them, and that I was on the do not call registry.

I guess they thought I was playing hard to get, because they called back 15 minutes later with a different agent.  They launched in about helping me ‘find the negative info on my credit report.’ (there is none.)  It wasn’t a pretty conversation.

If you’re on the do not call list and receive a call from these phone spammers, file a complaint with the FTC.

This is just one more example of how the credit agencies are sleazy with their marketing methods.  See a related blog post here.

Side note: a recruiter reached out to me just this week for a SVP Marketing search for Experian Consumer Direct. His email pitch was:

CD is an extremely profitable $700MM division of Experian that is best known as freecreditreport.com; over the past few years the revenues of ECD have grown from $50MM to $700MM+.  This position has around a $200MM budget and is extremely high visibility within Experian.

No doubt it pays well. If you’d like to sell your soul and be a candidate, let me know and I’ll be happy to connect you with the recruiter.

4 responses to “800-337-9249 spam call from eFolks.com on behalf of CreditReport.com

  1. They have called me twice today as well, leaving messages about me “pulling my credit report lately”…I was worried someone was trying to steal my identity. Thanks for this article.

    Meghan Thompson

  2. You do know that when you go on a website such as Creditreport.com and enter information for a credit report. It gives that company the right to call you regardless of the National Do Not Call list. Just a little piece of advice, don’t enter information online that way these evil people can not call you! Unfortunately their private policies protect them from the

  3. @Joey: yeah, I’m aware of the exclusion for a “pre-existing business relationship”, which these companies will use all kinds of tricks to imply they established. I hadn’t requested a report, though, so whatever justification Experian was using in my case was either wrong or based on a completely nefarious trick.

  4. Actually I work at efolks and it is not at all a spam. We are affiliated with lexington law and lexington is the bigest law ferm in the nation and has been in business for 21 years. We are legit. If you guys dont give us time to explain when we call it can be confusing. And it takes 48 to 72 hours to get off the call list

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