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What to do on a flight from NYC to Berlin

This sketch series is hilarious.  I wish I could draw…

New Urban Art on 21st Street

The elementary school on 21st Street between 8th and 9th Avenues in Manhattan is getting a major piece of artwork added to its 6 story high walls.  Pretty cool:

In progress

Fuzzy pic of artists and crew, taking a break

Check out the details on the shoes/feet

All done. An awesome addition to our block.

You can read a bit more about the artists here and here or watch them in this video interview. Even better pictures of this particular piece are on Fatcap.com.

Photo tour of Hunch’s office

Silicon Alley Insider dropped by the Hunch office yesterday and snapped a few picsNanu even made it into one photo.

Hunch office

I showed these to Paul and he said, “Wow, it’s like a nostalgic tour of our old artwork and unwanted furniture!”  Sure enough, the Hunch office has 3 pieces of Hiromi artwork that Paul and I bought years ago on eBay, 1 framed set of beer coasters that I collected while living in Berlin 20 years ago, and some kitchen cabinetry that we had to get out of the apartment when we redid the kitchen last year.

Good times.