GE Money’s predatory robocalls have to stop

I don’t know anyone by the name of Rosalita, and I’m not sure that I ever have.  Don’t get me wrong; it’s a lovely name.  I even added it to Hunch’s name chooser for baby girls.  Someday it would be nice to meet a Rosalita.  One thing I’m sure of, though, is that there’s no Rosalita living in my apartment. But GE Money seems convinced of just the opposite.

Ok: admission.  In a tip of the hat to nostalgia, I still have a landline in my apartment.  Don’t call me crazy: there are portions of my abode (namely the 50% of the square footage that’s below street level) that even my beloved Verizon Wireless network can’t reach.  So landline-tethered I remain.  I’ve had the same number for 8 years.

GE Money’s robocallers have called that landline phone no fewer than 20 times in the last 15 days, and have done so repeatedly over the years.  Occasionally the caller ID identifies them, but cleverly, they also use multiple numbers and area codes from several different states, several of which show no caller ID.  Some of those numbers include 605-335-5648, 480-707-4006, and 937-534-2092.

I’m rarely home when these calls come in, but on several occasions I’ve attempted to call one of these numbers back.  I’m greeted with a recording that this is a credit collection call, and I should hold.  I’ve held anywhere from 2 to 8 minutes; in all cases I hung up before the call could be answered by a real person.

This morning I was actually at home when one of the calls came in; I answered and was STILL told to wait for an operator (which took 30 seconds).  Now that’s gumption.  You call me, and still try to make me wait.  Tech guys: at least throttle the robocalls to coincide with operator availability.  The operator asked to speak to my favorite non-resident, Rosalita, and when I explained that there had never been anyone here by that name and that they had best never call me again, they said “sorry” and hung up.

Poor Rosalita; maybe she was under crushing credit card debt (likely from a retail credit card managed by GE Capital/ GE Money) and probably defaulted.  But damn that Rosalita: somewhere along the way she may have provided my landline phone number as hers.

But shame on GE Money: how hard would it have been to check phone records to see who my landline number was actually attributed to?  If you type my landline number into Google, my name and address is right there in black and white.

More generally, GE, what a sleazy business to be in.  Rather than tarnish your name, wouldn’t it be better to sell the collection records of your deadbeats to a third party who can collect under another name?  These methods are beneath the name of General Electric.

I have an easy solution for robocalls, telemarketing calls, and any other uninvited calls.  Any caller that’s not pre-approved by the call recipient pays $2.00 for the first ring for “disturbing the peace”.  Then they pay $.25 for each additional ring.  Think of it as the “pay per ring” model.  The fees are shared between the call recipient and the telecom provider.  This might cause predatory callers like GE Money to think hard (and at least do a little ROI analysis) about how much they really want to harass and reach the wrong person.

26 responses to “GE Money’s predatory robocalls have to stop

  1. Kelly – I’m sorry for the difficulties you are experiencing. I’d like to help. Please email me your contact information and I will have our team resolve this issue.

    GE Money

    • Update: Nicole and I corresponded and she says the calls should definitely stop now.

    • Hello Nicole, I found this page on 3/27/2013 due to the same exact issue. A GE robocaller has been calling me for at least a week now for someone who does not live at my address. Since I’ve had the same # for over a decade now, I am certain this individual has never had my phone number. Please advise how I can stop this harassment.
      Fed-up in CA

  2. Boy – are you right about EVERYthing in this connection. I think I read somewhere that it’s not even the “real” GE that’s involved…. Since this operation is cockroach like – their robocalls will continue after armageddon – and your link DOES come up real high via Google – I wonder if you could/would post/share Nicole’s email.

    And what’s the law re what sure strike you and me and quite a few others as junk/spam calls? Clearly, they’re out of control. Is it enough to say – “only a million of our calls are ‘inappropriate’ – we make over a trillion calls each year.”

  3. I do have a GE card, but I pay it on time. Unfortunately, GE doesn’t seem to understand that, so I’m also getting these harassing calls.

    I pay their bill through their website, but for some reason, my bank rejects the payment. I have no idea why. No one calls (from GE or the bank) to tell me that the money wasn’t sent. This has happened three times; If I pay it though my bank online pay system, it works fine, but it’s a longer lead time. These calls came because I forget to pay by the bank over a holiday weekend, so the payment would have been late. I thought, “okay, I’ll try to go through GE today”, but I should have just gone with the late bank payment, because now I’m getting fifteen to twenty calls a day, on both my landline and cell line! Even though I KNEW what had happened after the first call and made the payment immediately.

    I think my bank must know something I don’t…either that, or GE wants to get that extra $30 for my payment being “late” because THEY don’t have good standing with my bank.

    It’s all very sleazy and odd, but I do know one thing–after I pay this off, I will NEVER get another GE Care Credit card again!

    • I just happened across this blog and your post when I googled one of the phone numbers listed. I thought I was going crazy because my scheduled November payment doesn’t show up with GE and I have a late fee, but after reading this I think the same thing happened to me! I know I scheduled the November payment at the same time I scheduled by October payment. I have paid off the card and closed the account immediately. I will not work with them again.

    • The GE website payment system has been misbehaving in the past. I’d make a payment, and it would try to get the money from a different account. That was before the newest version of the web site, which so far seems to have behaved properly for me — but based on past experience I don’t trust it. So I set up a way to pay them which is safer for me.

  4. Unfortunately, it looks like GE has taken over every single credit card / loan out there and they ONLY employ deadbeats and nasty people. I, just last week, hung up on one, who then proceeded to call at all hours from another number to call me names and harrass me! I have since sent letters, emails, and filed complaints with the original credit card holder. This isn’t the first time this has happened, so I’m assuming they are not given even the basic professional courtesy instructions that customer service representatives used to be given.

  5. ITs the Lack of courtesy, and the REAL people they do employ, I will not give any Personal info to them if they have a accent or give info like that over the phone. I am behind a payment or 2, but hey I got kids and they come first no matter the situation at hand. Im working to catch up. They do start calls at 6 AM and wont stop calling till 930 close to 10 pm. Most of the time I dont answer or my phone is in my tool box and to get the calls. They have called at work but I hang up, Sorry no time to talk to you, unless your family.

    GE, you’ll get you 50.00 when I get it. Didnt think 50 would hurt a Gagillion dollar corporation.

  6. I received more than 20 calls this week from GE Capital (330-433-5833). I thought the calls were related to an Amazon credit account and reported them to Amazon and to the local district attorney’s office. When I answered one of the calls, the robo system asked me to wait. I did. When a person came on the phone, she asked for someone who does not live with me. Even if the calls stop, people should protest this practice. I closed the Amazon account and recommended that the company not continue to do business with GE Capital.

  7. assholes.

  8. I got 4 calls today & it’s only 2:31pm! I have nothing to do with any comapny called GE Capital & I am on my states Do Not Call Registry. Both my landline & cell are on it yet they call both my numbers. If I don’t answer the house # they proceed to call my cell. I’m registering a complaint with my states Attorney General’s Complaint Dept. This is nonsense!!

  9. Isn’t GE Capitol wonderful? They call my cell phone constantly looking for someone I don’t know. I am in the habit now of saving their various numbers into my address book as “telemarketer” just so I can avoid their calls effectively. I get about 10 calls a day over a short period then they cease for a while and return a few weeks later.

  10. I find it amazing that as soon as someone complains about GE Money, GE Capital, or any of their other identities, one of their representatives posts a friendly message saying to contact them. Trying to save face perhaps?

  11. and they think they are so clever calling from all the different #’s…..

  12. they call several times a day even on sundays. sometimes they leave a msg sometimes they do not. they always ask for linda wilson. Yesterday I had enough. I answered and told the indian accented man there is no linda wilson here to remove my number. He apolagized and said he would. NEXT day,,, two calls again. I finally answered. i spoke with HELEN who explained the sae thing to and told her my number was supposed to be removed. I asked to speak with her supervisor NANCY who i again went off on saying how im harassed with calls and there is no linda wilson here and i am filing a complaint because this is wrong. And I certainlly shouldnt be bothered on a SUNDAY, I asked for her direct number so WHEN this happens AGAIN i can call her because ive been told twice now this matter is taken care of. I told her Im reporting them and I hope they get sued and shutdown ( i was soooo mad)
    She could not give me her number just a 1800 #, I said No i want YOUR number. You call me several times a day,, Would you want me calling YOU several times a day asking for someone who doesnt even live here. SHe appolagized several times and despite my total rudeness she was mannered. This is crazy.

    • Oh yes, I’m going through the same thing ( 4 calls per day, even on Sunday) from GE Capital. I agree it is annoying, but I am realistic. No one, especiAlly someone from India, cares that we are upset about the calls or whether or not it is legal or right or wrong. You can rant and shout and demand a supervisor all you like, but they do not care. They will apologize for your frustration all day long, because it’s a great easy job for people in India. So, what’s the solution? I really don’t know, but what I do know is this….I refuse to get upset , yell, raise my blood pressure, or let it affect my mood. I don’t change my number. I just don’t answer. I save the numbers in my contact lists and I assign them a silent ring tone . No, it doesn’t stop the calls, but I never even know they called unless I look at my missed calls list. I value my peace and sanity too much to deal with making phone calls to various agencies and writing letters. Just how I roll.

  13. GE bank is undoubtedly the scummiest of the predators. They need to
    take a few selected execs and put them in prison for multiple harrassment
    violations. This outfit has been operating with impunity for many years.

  14. Same problem, just left a complaint with Better Business

  15. John Frautschy

    Ah, yes- GE Capital. Scum!

    My cellphone has Kaspersky Mobile Security installed, which allows me to whitelist or blacklist (i.e. BLOCK) #’s based on whether I know them, are annoyed by them, etc. It doesn’t stop them calling back via another #, but it makes them work for it at least. And once one call comes thru, or I block it, that # no longer is able to ring my phone, nor even shows in my missed call list.

    HAH! Take that credit collection scumbags! And, oh yeah- I have always paid my bill on time, so why they call me is yet to be determined. I guess I’ll never know, though, as I will never answer their call…

    John F

  16. It is sad to think that I used to be intimidated by whorebag companies like these… Now I just ignore the calls and throw the letters in three trash…. Then just add their number to my blocked list… Credit industry has screwed us all, time for them to get screwed back 🙂

  17. I am sick and tired of GE Money calling my cell phone, my wife’s cell phone and my landline, and we have no business with them whatsoever. If they continue I am going to go to the State Attorney General’s office and seek prosecution. Enough is enough, GE!

  18. I get calls from several people re: the same-ole-crap. They are looking for Sonja? Being an ex-bill collector I consider it karma. However this a joke that only they know the punch line to.

  19. Seriously so angry about these calls and never had an account with GE and it’s my son’s number!!! He’s only ten and it’s really annoying. He’s only had this number for for a couple of months. It’s interfering with calls from his father 😠

  20. they just started today for me– already twice in 4 hours– this is bogus crap and it needs to stop– huge fines need to be assessed

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