Signs of the Pines: Fire Island

Fire Island is a barrier island that parallels Long Island’s south shore.  It’s one of the two weekend destinations (the other being the Hamptons) where New York City residents head to escape the blistering and crowded city during the summer. (obligatory Hunch reference: Should you spend summers on Fire Island or in the Hamptons?)

Fire Island is actually a series of communities, between which is designated and protected National Park landThe Pines is where Paul and I have a house that keeps us busy most summer weekends.  I took a few photos last weekend of some signs there.

Don't lock your wagon without a sticker!

Don't lock your wagon without a sticker!

How many of these can you break in one weekend?

How many of these can you break in one weekend?

A classic piece of Pines history

A classic piece of Pines history

If you can’t read all of the above, take note, sinners, of this awesome sign from 1957:

* We believe in a community that is clean both morally and physically
* We believe that riotous parties disturb the peace of our community
* We believe the bikini type bathing apparel leads to lowering of the moral standard of a community
* We believe that exhibitionism in public is below the level of human behavior
* We believe that everyone living in the PINES wants to uphold the community standards of decency relating to personal conduct.

These beliefs are publicized in the interest of the many CHILDREN in our community who we feel should have the opportunity of growing up in healthy surroundings.  THIS IS THE HOPE OF THE FUTURE, AND THE COVENANT OF EVERY ADULT!

The Fire Island Pines Property Owner’s Association

Sheesh.  I’m glad that FIPPOA has redirected their efforts these days to the more practical matter of cutting wagon locks.  Policing all that “bikini type bathing apparel” out there would otherwise just be an exhausting, full time job.

3 responses to “Signs of the Pines: Fire Island

  1. WAGONS-

    Wait til the first snow. No one will care if you have a valid sticker or where you park when covered with the white stuff-or in my case, stuff your really BIG dog in the wagon hey, the dock is yours!

  2. Who would have thought our little Nanu was a “rule breaker”, running free on the boardwalks without her leash!

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